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Cheryl C.

I was first introduced to Rejuvenation Massage by a hygienist at my dental office. At the time, I had long-standing health issues due to teeth grinding and TMJ problems. For therapy I was partaking of all the usual suspects: I used a night guard, I stopped chewing gum, and I even tried meditation. Before my first visit to Caroline Brady, there were days that I could hardly open my mouth because my jaw felt like it needed a pry bar.

After my first TMJ massage from Caroline, however, I began to experience a dramatic lessening of these painful symptoms. Even though the last two years of my life have been fraught with increased personal and professional stress, I’ve experienced a marked relief from headaches and radiating pain due to Caroline’s treatment. The reprieve from pain has been almost instantaneous after my bi-monthly appointments with Caroline. She has helped to keep me sane.

L. Hills

I was recently diagnosed with TMJ, a condition that I had never heard of before. My TMJ was caused by a dentist appointment where I experienced much stress and pressure to my mouth.  For over two weeks, I couldn't open my mouth even half-way.   I was miserable.  I called my dentist, and he gave me some tips that would hopefully help stretch out the muscles.  Unfortunately, the exercises showed no improvement, and actually, they caused more pain and pressure to my mouth.  I called him back, and he referred me to Caroline Brady of Rejuvenation Massage.

I was a little apprehensive at first, not knowing what to expect, but I knew I needed to do something to relieve my pain and discomfort.   So, I made an appointment.

When I arrived at my appointment, I was nervous.  Caroline helped put me at ease by thoroughly educating me on the effects and benefits of intra-oral massage.  The massage began with Caroline measuring how far I could open my mouth.  From there, she began the therapy by massaging the inside of my mouth.  She carefully applied gentle pressure, focusing on the swollen areas to relieve the tension.  The appointment lasted approximately one hour.  At the end, she measured my mouth again, and I already noticed some improvement.  The next day, I noticed my mouth felt much more loose and relaxed, something I hadn't felt in weeks.  I carefully tried to open my mouth to its normal width, and to my surprise, I did it!   I am so thankful that I gave intraoral massage a try.  It proved to be a success in treating my TMJ.  As a patient, it meant a lot that Caroline took the time to educate and explain the process to me.  It helped me to build a trust in Caroline, as well as intra-oral massage as a therapeutic treatment. I would recommend this therapy to anyone that is diagnosed with TMJ.

Marybeth Spector

Two years ago I was suffering with my TMJ from an injury incurred in a car accident many years ago.  My massage therapist did all she could.  Acupuncture helped, but didn’t last.  I tried Zero Balance.  And even went on a silent Yoga retreat to Costa Rica.  Nothing worked.

At my regular check- up, I had to stop the dental hygienist.  It was too painful to keep my mouth open.  As I was leaving, nearly in tears, one of the ladies in the office asked if I knew of a new TMJ Therapy.  She said you had recently done special training for this method.  She gave me your card and I called for an appointment that day.  It was, dare I say, magic.  Such immediate relief!  And with each treatment my discomfort lessened.  My husband said my smile was back.  I could go to dinner and order more than soup!

And here we are entering a third year and all I need is a monthly tune-up for balance.   It is such a powerful, lasting therapy, it belongs in every dentist’s office. Thank you, Caroline, for your commitment to this.

Trish S.

Prior to receiving intra-oral massage by Caroline Brady for TMJ, I suffered from frequent jaw pain, increased neck and facial tension and at times, locked jaw- despite my commitment to wearing a professional grade night guard.  

After just the first treatment with Caroline, I felt a tremendous difference, namely in my facial and neck tension. That night, I didn't suffer from the usual evening headache. I continue to see Caroline for maintenance therapy on my jaw when I feel the old symptoms starting to return. Her 'magic touch' keeps most of my TMJ symptoms at bay.

I am extremely grateful that I have access to someone who is experienced and knowledgeable about TMJ and someone who cares to keep my jaw and neck tension and pain free.

Mike B.

For a number of years my dentist has recognized I have symptoms of TMJ – tight muscles, limited range of jaw motion and grinding of the teeth. To combat these issues I’ve employed the typical approaches of treatment such as wearing a night guard. Although it helped, I continued to have symptoms.

About a year ago, my dental hygienist suggested I try intra-oral massage as a way to relieve the stress in my jaw. In the past I’d successfully used massage as a way to reduce muscle stress so I was curious how intra-oral massage worked and if it would be successful. I was surprised at the difference after even a single session. The area around my jaw and neck were more relaxed and the range of motion in my jaw had increased. I improved with each following session, reaching full benefit after four or five sessions. Since then I’ve been on a maintenance regime with a session every three or four weeks. For me intra-oral massage, along with traditional treatments provides a winning combination. Intra-oral massage is definitely an option worth pursuing.

Dawn G.

My name is Dawn Glover and I am 44 years old. I have received intra-oral massage therapy from Caroline Brady for a total of 4 sessions. Upon contacting Caroline, I was having difficulty eating and speaking properly. I remember distinctively feeling as if my jaw/mouth was very tight and I noticed more frequently that opening my mouth to eat became somewhat difficult to do. It was as if the muscles were fighting to keep it closed.

After meeting with Caroline I felt a great sense of encouragement that the intra-oral massage could help relax the muscles of my face and jaw, and also increase my range of motion. Soon after the first treatment I found that the TMJ massage was helping me a lot. I felt a great sense of relief not just in my jaw/mouth but I also noticed my head, neck and shoulder seemed to be relaxed as well. As we progressed through sessions #2-3 I believe my range of motion kept increasing each time. By the time session #4 came around I had seen a tremendous improvement in my ability to speak more comfortably and eating was no longer a struggle. I was very pleased with the results of my progress and would look to have this type of massage again if and when my jaw reaches that level of tension again. Or as a preventive treatment even knowing this area has some history of tightening.

I’ve recommended this treatment to family members who have TMJ issues and would consider this one of the most effective therapies I have experienced.