TMJ / Headache Therapy

* New Clients - $150 (90min*)

* Returning/Existing Clients - $150 (90min*)

This treatment focuses on a concentrated massage of the major muscles associated with chewing, clenching, and grinding of the teeth. Your visit will consist of massage of the neck, face and scalp along with a gentle release of the primary chewing muscles located inside your mouth. This particular style of treatment is painless and can be very relaxing, often lulling people into a deeply relaxed state. For new clients 3-4 visits are initially recommended in order to receive a maximum benefit.

* All sessions are 90 minutes in length - the body will dictate its own response to therapy, sometimes it listens to the signal it’s being given and it releases easily, and other times it needs more time. A massage should never be rushed, and you simply cannot force the body to release. In order to achieve the full benefit from your session I feel it’s important to honor your body & give it the time it requires (and deserves) to achieve this state of relaxation.