I hope this information gives you a little history as to who I am and why I believe in what I do:

I grew up in a family of healthcare practitioners and have been surrounded by medicine since as far back as I can remember, so naturally I gravitated towards that field myself. By age 17 I knew I wanted become a Dental Hygienist. So in 1990 I graduated from the University of Nebraska with my Bachelors degree in Dental Hygiene. I love the one on one interaction with people and I truly believe it is my mission in life to promote and provide good health to others.

So it came as no surprise to me that later on I developed the calling to advance my education in healthcare and go to massage school. Having received massage on a regular basis I was in awe of its amazing power to heal and nurture. It was because of my own positive experience with massage that I knew I wanted to pursue this as a career. In 2000 I graduated from Brenneke School of Massage. Even though I was transitioning into a different field I continued to practice Dental Hygiene, and I still do to this day. There is something about both professions that creates a great balance for me. With my background in both fields I knew that there was some way to tie the two together.

It came to me one day while working at the dental office that I had seen so many patients over the years struggling with TMJ issues. It is very evident that with the constant pressures and everyday stresses in life more and more people are developing TMD. Unfortunately there are very few treatment options available for these individuals. What is available is helpful, but for some it's not enough. I knew that massage of the intra-oral muscles was the only way to affectively get relief. While other states allowed intra-oral massage to be preformed by a Licensed Massage Practitioner, at that time Washington State did not. It has only been since 2008 that LMP's are legally allowed to perform this therapy with the proper education and accreditation.

As a Hygienist and Massage Therapist I was an exception to this law. In February of 2007 I went back East where I received my certification in Neuromuscular Therapy specializing in TMJ. I am proud to say that I have been one of the first healthcare providers in Washington to perform this type of treatment. Having worked in patient's mouths for the past 20+ years I can say I'm fully confident in my knowledge of the anatomy and function of the jaw.

I am very happy to report that I have successfully treated many clients with intra-oral massage and knowing that I can provide relief from pain and discomfort for these people helps to fulfill my mission in life.

To your health,

Caroline Brady LMP,RDH

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