TMJ / Headache Therapy $120 (90min*)

This treatment focuses on a concentrated massage of the major muscles associated with chewing, clenching and grinding of the teeth. Your visit will consist of massage of the neck, face and scalp along with a gentle release of the primary chewing muscles located inside your mouth. This particular style of treatment is painless and can be very relaxing, often lulling people into a deeply relaxed state. For new clients, 3 to 4 visits are initially recommended in order to receive a maximum benefit.

Maintenance Package (3 sessions pre-purchased) $330 ($110/90min)

You've experienced how TMJ massage can give you a better quality of life by freeing your body from it's aches, pains & aliments. I fully believe that receiving massage every 4-6 weeks is the key to living pain free and essentially "maintaining" that healthy lifestyle. It is my goal to help you achieve this both physically and affordably. This package is designed with that in mind, so not only are you benefiting by maintaining good health but you also receive a valued savings with each session.

Additional package details

  • By purchasing a package you are free to use your sessions at any interval within the time frame allotted. It is recommended that you use them 1- per month to keep you in maintenance mode, but if you are dealing with an acute ailment or you choose to come in more frequently they are yours to use as needed.

  • Packages are non-refundable and will expire 6 months from the time of purchase. There is a built in buffer for those who may want to come in every 5-6 weeks. Please note: if you don't use them by their expiration you will loose them. This is designed specifically to help you stay committed to maintaining good health.

  • If you miss a scheduled appointment, or you do not cancel by giving the required 24hr notice you will forfeit the value of that visit from your package.

  • Packages cannot be combined with any other discount offer or used in conjunction with medical insurance.

* All sessions are 90 minutes in length - the body will dictate its own response to therapy, sometimes it listens to the signals it’s being given and it releases easily, and other times it needs more time. A massage should never be rushed, and you simply cannot force the body to release. In order to achieve the maximum benefit from your session I feel it’s important to honor your body & give it the time it requires (and deserves) to achieve it’s state of relaxation. A small amount of time will be used for pre & post treatment consultation, the majority of your time will be spent on treatment.

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